BRAND NEW SINGLE: 'Greetings from Sydney'!

Ahead of the release of highly-anticipated sophomore album 'Back Where We Started', Russian-kiwi singer/songwriter Marina Bloom has unveiled her fourth in a string of new singles for 2019. The song is called 'Greetings from Sydney' and is a stunning ballad about missing somebody as you go through places that remind you of them.

The lyrics "I wish you were here, even though it was not meant to be" speak of loss, heart-ache, laced with acceptance of the twisting path of life. 

"I'll send you a postcard, if I ever find the time, about the sights I've seen and what's on my mind..." tells of a lasting connection even if it's not everything she hoped it would be. 

The stripped-back arrangement of piano and strings perfectly support Marina's velvet vocals – her heart-wrenching performance giving weight to the story. 

Marina shares her thoughts when she co-wrote the song with longtime lyricist Michael Davis, 

"This song always seems like a friend who you go back to with nostalgia. It is achingly sentimental… Like the times you want to bring back but you know it is impossible. So you just cherish those memories." 

Whether or not she does find the time to write that postcard, we're left with a bitter-sweet taste of unanswerable longing and steadfast gratitude. 

‘Greetings from Sydney’ is released on September 6 on most platforms, access here: 

Marina is supporting the album release with a national summer tour throughout New Zealand in 2020. Before then, fans can see her perform at a number of Russian culture festivals in September-October and a headline concert in Auckland in October.

Watch the accompanying lyric video here: