New Auckland show announced - 4 Feb 2021

I am so delighted to announce that the show that was postponed in September is back! 

It may have been a while but I have had an opportunity to prepare something really special for you! 

Music was the…

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When something beautiful rises from the ashes...

Sometimes during times of intense hardship, worry & doubt, 

something beautiful springs forth. 

A seedling sprouting from the newly invigorated soil after a fire.

The flowers blooming after the refresh of the storm. 

The renewed zest for life and creativity…

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Introducing the new 'Full Bloom Bundle'!

Love adorning your home with beautiful artwork? Love to bathe your soul in heartfelt music?

We have just the perfect thing for you!

The new FULL BLOOM BUNDLE includes:

  • The 'When I Am Gone' CD (released 2018), worth $20.
  • The…
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'Let's Pretend' new single with an edge!

This week Marina Bloom released the 6th and final track in the 'Songs of Isolation' series with a new music video called 'Let's Pretend'. 

It is a story of passion and dance, darkness, playing in the shadows and rhythmical soundscapes. 

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A country-rock hoedown for lockdown!

Singer-songwriter Marina Bloom has released the latest track in the Songs of Isolation series on May 1st. 

The lyrics, written almost a decade ago, are penned by longtime songwriting partner Michael Davis. The words are a reflection of the thoughts

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New lyric video for 'Fragile' OUT NOW!

Have you ever felt when talking to someone, like you are walking on ice? 

What if that is how other people feel when they talk to you? 

The song Fragile is about love but a deeper dimension of it where…

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NEW SONG to sail away with this Valentines Day!

With a top #20 NZ-Album release right out the gate of 2020 and in the middle of a nationwide tour, Marina Bloom deserves a piña colada and a long cruise. 


But instead of getting on a boat, she’s released a

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