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New song 'Lions Fighting In A Church' 

Epic battles and fairytale endings were the inspiration for ‘Lions Fighting In A Church’ the latest single release from Kiwi-Russian singer/songwriter, Marina Bloom. 

Inspired by epic love songs like ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ by Meatloaf, lyricist Michael Davis wanted to write a love song with epic highs and dramatic lows. He points out, there are not many scenes more epic than lions swiping pews and pulpit aside to ferociously attack one another. 

Sipping coffees in a hotel lobby, flanked by a grand piano, Marina…

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You're looking at a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only songwriting comp! 

I received news this week that I have been listed as a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only songwriting competition for 2019! They are yet to determine the finalists and winners so I will keep you posted - but I am super pleased to be in this category of semi-finalists whittled down from over 6,000 entries from all over the world!!

The song that has been recognised is 'Flying', which was released earlier this year. If you haven't listened to it yet, go here now! 

The virus hit me! Concert postponed till June 16. 

After all the lead up to the concert at Anthology Lounge in Auckland on May 26, I came down with the unshakable flu a few days before that I just couldn't even imagine putting on a performance that I would be proud of and that you deserve! So I made the difficult decision to postpone this gig till June 16. 

I apologise for the inconvenience this caused, but I was overwhelmed by the support on social media from those who had bought tickets but understood my decision was a tough one, thank you for…

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NEW SONG! 'Not Another Ballad' OUT NOW! 


Russian-born kiwi singer/songwriter Marina Bloom releases new single 'Not Another Ballad'!

The enigmatic vocalist has released her latest song which is a notable departure from her usual softer offerings. 'Not Another Ballad' is a bid to appease her band with an upbeat foot-stomping tune, worthy of a turn on the dance floor. 

Marina has been writing ballads with her good friend and lyricist Michael Davis for three years. These ballads have garnered attention: national radio…

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New single 'Flying' released! 

The song ‘Flying’ had a very interesting journey. 

My lyricist and friend, Michael Davis, had read a book called ‘Fear of Flying’ by Erica Jong (a 1973 novel known for its contribution to second-wave feminism!) and the song had gotten its start. 

When Michael showed me the lyrics, I heard the chorus melody in my head straight away. It took me a while to get the verse melody, but within a few weeks of December, 2018, the melody and lyrics were finalised. 

We started on the production of the song with Karl…

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