'Let's Pretend' new single with an edge!

This week Marina Bloom released the 6th and final track in the 'Songs of Isolation' series with a new music video called 'Let's Pretend'. 

It is a story of passion and dance, darkness, playing in the shadows and rhythmical soundscapes. 

The lyrics are a more controversial offering than Marina's usually family-friendly content, but she felt it important to acknowledge her more adult side:

"Everyone has a darker side, even if they don't show it to the world - we all like a bit of excitement every now and then."

Perhaps in these difficult times of social distancing and restrictions on our usual movements, a bit of excitement is exactly what is needed.

The music video has a neo-noir feel to it, like something out of the 'Sin City' movie by Frank Miller. Think high heels, car headlights and manicures.

Enjoy the music video to 'Let's Pretend' by clicking here.