From the recording One for the Road


It's closing time
everybody's going home
with bloodshot eyes
and somewhere else they'd rather go
It's no surprise
I'm still hanging off your arm
As the crow flies
we're so close to being home

And I've been drinking
more than I normally would
And you're holding me closer
than you really should

So let's have one for the road,
one for old times sake.
One for everything we lost
and everything we chased
Let's have one for the good times
And us just being alive!
I want to hold you again
for the sake of Auld Lang Syne

It's closing time
everybody's calling cabs
with sleepy smiles
and something else they'd rather ask
It's obvious
where we want the night to go
It's only us
and no one else needs to know

And I know you've got someone
waiting at home
but surely she'll be sleeping by now
all on her own