From the recording When I am Gone

This song is about a relationship gone bad. For all females out there - feeling satisfied is worth it...


Your Guitar
Music and lyrics by Marina Bloom

I have never felt this way so far
You treat me like I am your guitar
You take me when you wanna play
And when you’re done I’m put away

Your hands are gentle, words are sweet
Your smile is mesmerising me
Inside the darkness of your eyes
There is a devil in disguise

Chorus: And dream and I dream of blue sky
And I cry and I cre every night

There’re no hard feelings no regret
When I am not there you forget
This silence s killing me inside
There's too much space between the lines

This love on tap is not my style
I've let you play me for a while
I’ll leave my case behind the door
You won’t be strumming any more

Chorus: And I feel, and I feel so satisfied
And I know, and I know I’ll be alright.

There is a music in my heart
That i would never play for you
That I will never ever let you in here
One day
You gonna find out
That your guitar is disappeared