From the recording When I am Gone

A new take on an old sentiment. We all try to escape from reality.


Houston (We Have A Problem)
copyright Bloom/Davis

Everybody wants to know
is there life on Mars?
David Bowie wondered once
now he's lost in the stars
Everybody likes to dream
of worlds so faraway
We're lining up alibis
and planning our escape

But Houston we have a problem 
I'm coming apart at the seams 
Everyone seems to be laughing 
and I can't hear myself scream! 
Houston, I can't believe it 
I'm floating around here in space.
I'm a latter day rocket man 
who's lost his poker face 

And I look down on the world below
a million miles away
The closer I get to heaven's gate 
the less I seem to pray

Everybody's laying low
while the time flies past.
David Bowie sold the world
now he’s resting in peace
Everybody needs a dream
to keep our lives fulfilled
So we're lining up alibis
and heading for the hills.

And it's a crazy old world,
this world that we live in
We all want fame and gold
and we're fighting for glory
and storybook endings