From the recording Lions Fighting In A Church

When my songwriting partner Michael Davis presented me these lyrics, I felt the melody come at me like a rushing waterfall, immediately clashing with the dull music in the hotel lobby we were sitting in. When I sang them out loud for the first time, it sounded so grand! It was significant and heavy, dark but irresistibly hopeful. And that’s how it is for me everytime I hear it.

We wanted this song to be a true EPIC LOVE SONG! I can’t think of many scenes more epic than lions swiping pews and pulpit aside to ferociously attack one another!!!

I believe the song inspires different fantasies & fairytales in all of us, what do you imagine when you hear it?


Lions Fighting In A Church (Bloom/ Davis)

We've been running
out of time
We've been searching
for a sign
We've been trying to find some meaning
in the chaos of our lives

Pre chorus:
And you & me,
we used to be invincible
We walk these streets
like we are now invisible

And once we were renegades
from another age,
from a time when giants walked the earth.
And we were Kings & Queens of everything
and roared like lions fighting in a church

We've been playing
our guitars
We've been praying
in the dark
We've been searching for a reason
to leave our futures in the past


And we'll be riding wild horses
But never finding our way back
And if you hold my hand always
I’ll never stray from this track


Fighting in a church