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[Verse 1]
Here we go again
down the same old road we've been down before
It's a sad refrain
(that) keeps me coming back and wanting more

[Verse 2]
Here we are again
in the same old space
that we're always in
It's a funny thing
slow dancing in a club
that's burning down

[Pre Chorus]
And I've got my hand on my heart
but my fingers are crossed
Cos I'm (still) running in circles
round the streets of my past
round the streets of my past

And the band’s getting restless,
they're fighting off hecklers
and all they want to do is play
rock n roll songs
And the crowd’s going crazy
they're looking to slay me
Cos all they want to hear are some
rock n roll songs
rock n roll songs

[Repeat Pre Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

And oh my Lord,
not another ballad!
When is all
this teenage angst gonna end?
And oh my Lord,
not another slow song!