From the recording When I am Gone

Sometimes you look back and the memories are bitter sweet... But there was so much love there that it is really lovely to remember


Do You Remember?
(copyright Bloom/Davis)

Verse 1
Do you remember,
when we were together?
The nights shone like diamonds
We were lost in the silence
The world was a stranger
Don't you remember?

Verse 2
Do you remember
when we were both lovers?
We lit up the night skies
We christened the sunrise
The world was a stranger
Don't you remember?

Don't you remember how it used to feel
Floating in an endless sea
And hoping madly that our fairytale would last
Dont you remeber how it used to be?
Running from reality
And chasing something we didn't even know we'd lost

We were riding waves under shooting stars
We didn't know they'd break quite so fast