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Music by Marina BloomLyrics by Michael DavisCopyright Marina Bloom and Michael DavisPerformed by Marina Bloom
Produced by Mike McCarthy at Manuka Studio, New Zealand


Everybody’s running from someone or somethingLike lightning in the distance or shadows in the dark.Everybody’s dreaming, just looking without seeing,It’s like we’ve lost the habit of being happy where we are.And Aesop knew a thing or two about turning the other cheekSo I’m reaching out across the years “Do you still remember me?”
Hello John. I’m calling from Tucson, Arizona and, yes I know, I am a long, long way from home. And I guess I should have told youI always wanted to be where the sun shines every day and the Mexican border is just a stone's throw away
Everybody’s wanting someone or somethingLike a sign from the heavens or a stranger in the dark. Everybody wants to be distanced from reality but like actors in a movie we all want the leading part.
And Aesop knew a thing or two about forgiving all our sinsSo I’m reaching out across the years the words “I’m sorry” on my lips
And I know I should have phoned sooner than I have but the weeks turned into months and Summer turned to Fall. But I never quite knew how to tell you what went wrong Then one day you wake up and can’t remember why you left at all...