'Back Where We Started' is finally out today and I can't believe it's finally the DAY!

Alot of blood, sweat & tears has gone into the making of this album and I couldn't have done it without my amazing team of collaborators who've worked so hard to make this dream a reality. 

Big thanks to Manuka Studios, The Sound Room, Mike McCarthy, Karl Benton, Alexandra Lenarskaya, Tim Morgan, Darsha & Maya, my whole family, Ruth Power, Aleksander Brown and last but not least, Michael Davis for being my lyrical partner in crime. 

And I wouldn't be anywhere without my wonderful fans. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the making of this album. 


You've already supported me so much, but there's one last thing I need to ask of you...

Most of us these days listen to music through streaming sites like Spotify or Apple Music, it's easy and convenient! However, in order for my music to be heard by more people I need to try to enter the NZ Charts! But in order to do that, I have to show lots of album sales, more than streams. 

Though I would never tell you to stop streaming because these apps are so great, I would ask you to consider purchasing a download of the album from my website, even if you prefer to listen to it on a streaming site for convenience. This helps me immensely and I would really appreciate it, if you can afford it. 

Here is a link to purchase the album directly from me. 

And here is a link to listen on Spotify!


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  • Mel
    Mel Austria
    Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the info.

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