'Any God Will Do’ new release in the Songs of Isolation series!

With music by Marina Bloom and Jacob O'Callaghan and lyrics by Michael Davis, 'Any God Will Do’ is Marina’s next release in her Songs of Isolation series. It follows on from the single ‘A Long Way from Home’. 

Marina Bloom is best known for her album “Back Where We Started” which debuted on the New Zealand Charts at number 16 and her nation-wide tour at the beginning of this year.  

While Marina says she is missing going out and performing across the country she is using this time to good use by writing and singing songs on a daily basis. She encourages her fans to keep their heads up and hopes this song will help. 

“The song is perfect for anyone suffering from the lockdown blues. I hope it gets people out of their chair and to start moving. It was fun to write and to sing this song and I think this translates well on the recording”.  

While the song is making references to the serious subject of faith and fate it is meant to be lighthearted and remind us all that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. The upbeat tempo of the music and Marina’s fun energetic singing ensures nothing but good times ahead. It is an upbeat, fun and a modern take on a great country-pop track.  

The song will appeal to the whole family from the youngest child right through to the grandparents.  

‘Any God Will Do’ will be available on Spotify, Itunes and Youtube. Marina Bloom can be found on her website or her Facebook page shown below. 

Follow her Facebook page for further releases in the Songs of Isolation Series. 

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