A country-rock hoedown for lockdown!

Singer-songwriter Marina Bloom has released the latest track in the Songs of Isolation series on May 1st. 

The lyrics, written almost a decade ago, are penned by longtime songwriting partner Michael Davis. The words are a reflection of the thoughts of his then-teenage daughter, Sabina, whom the song is dedicated to. 

Presented with the lyrics seven years later, Marina was inspired to write a pop-country tune. It was decided to not release the song lest it labels her as a solely country music artist, 

"I feel like my music is too diverse to be tied down to one specific genre." 

But with the challenges of 2020: a worldwide pandemic and level 4 lockdown have given Marina a different perspective. She’s going full Marie Kondo on her music– releasing everything she’s got, to make room for new music to arrive. 

The lyric video is particularly precious as it is created by Marina's daughter. Watch the lyric video animation here: 

Listen to the current releases in the Songs of Isolation series here, and follow her Facebook page for further updates. 


Releases in the Songs of Isolation series:  

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