The virus hit me! Concert postponed till June 16.

After all the lead up to the concert at Anthology Lounge in Auckland on May 26, I came down with the unshakable flu a few days before that I just couldn't even imagine putting on a performance that I would be proud of and that you deserve! So I made the difficult decision to postpone this gig till June 16. 

I apologise for the inconvenience this caused, but I was overwhelmed by the support on social media from those who had bought tickets but understood my decision was a tough one, thank you for understanding!

I can only promise that the gig in June will be that much more exciting and joyful that we will FINALLY get to share this music together!

As always, thank you for your support of my music I am so humbled and incredibly grateful to have such wonderful people in my orbit!

So if you bought a ticket for the SOLD OUT gig, please hold onto it and come again on June 16. I will see you there, in full health!

If you are unable to make the gig in June, please consider passing your ticket to a friend that might enjoy it, otherwise I will refund your ticket if you get in contact with me in the next week.